Tagua & Acai beads jewelry necklace

Necklace made with seed beads from the Amazon Rainforest region Peru Brazil
Eco Jewelry, colors light blue and red

US $ 21.90


1 Necklace only made with natural seeds from the Amazon Rainforest in Peru

Tagua (Tawa) Seeds

South America's Vegetable Ivory


Asai seeds from the Amazon in Peru

Acai is an amazing seed from the Amazon region, (Euterpe oleracea)

The Acai is used for


•Highest concentration of Antioxidants of any fruit


The seed beads are natural, from the Amazon forest.

The original color is ivory, see our other seeds, these ones are colored.

Therefore there is a slight variation in the beads.

The Tagua beads are sliced from a tagua nut and drilled with a hole, ready to
use for your jewelry.Earrings, necklaces, bracelets....

The tagua palm, family of the coconut palm tree (Phytelephas macrocarpa or Phytelephas
aequatorialis) grows in the amazon region of Peru, Brasil, Colombia and Ecuador.
It produces one of the most interesting of all seeds due to its extreme hardness
and similarity to ivory.

After harvesting, the seeds are allowed to dry for 3 months during which time
they become very hard and dense.