60 Huayruro bracelets from the Amazon forest Peru

60 Huayruro seed beads bracelets used in the Amazon as good luck beads

US $ 81.00


Used by the Amazonians as Good Luck seed and to protect against negative energies.

These seeds are used in the Peruvian Andes and Amazon region to make bracelets,
necklaces, earrings and other jewelry.

This one, red and black spotted, is the male Huayruro (Huayruro Macho)

The scientific name is Ormosia.

The seed beads are natural, from the Amazon forest. The photo is a stock photo.
Handcrafted by Peruvian Artisans Andean Friendship Bracelets Hand-Woven in Peru,
one at a time, pure handycraft. Great for gift shops, flea markets, or keep
them for yourself.

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60 bracelets for US $81.00?


Only for jewelry

For external use only

Please do not give to children

Do not eat?