Macaw Parrot Feather earrings wholesale lot Amazon Rainforest

36 pair of Indian feather earrings Amazon Rainforest Peru

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Ara - Parrot, Papagayo - Guacamayo uncolored natural color feather earrings

Made in the Rainforest in Peru, on top there is a Huayruro seed.

These feathers are collected from the ground not a single parrot has been harmed!?

Huayruro Medium seeds from the Amazon in Peru used by the Amazonians as Good
Luck bead and to protect against negative energies. These beautiful earrings
are handmade by highly-skilled Peruvian artisans. All been carefully handcrafted.
MEASURES: between 2.50 - 4.50 inches (6-11 CM) long, without hook

12 earrings for US $ 27.50

24 earrings for US $ 46.00

36 earrings for US $ 65.40